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Fenton Pharmaceuticals

Lotil Large Pump 2 Pack Skin Cream Original

Lotil Large Pump 2 Pack Skin Cream Original

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Lotil Original Cream  - 2 Pack 

Same Great product NEW LABEL 

Seriously good for all dry skin for over 100 Years. Made in England.

This is for 2 large jars and Each Pump Jar is 16.6 fl. oz net  500  ml

Lotil cream has earned the reputation throughout Europe as being The Miracle Worker. 

This emollient rich Lotil hand cream imported from England is regarded by many as the finest on the market.

It softens and nourishes back to health rough, dry, cracked skin. 

The first application will soothe and protect rough, chapped or cracked hands.

Continued use ensures the condition doesn't return.

Fenton Pharmaceuticals Ltd creates the world's best emollient rich dry skin softener.


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